Curtain Cleaning at The Real Don

There are offerings on the market for curtain cleaning to be done where they hang which is a process to the best of our knowledge that involves injecting perchoroethylene (“perc”) and then extracting it together with the absorbed soiling. We are told that the perc does not leave any offensive odour in the home although such a type of odorless perc has never found its way onto any dry cleaner’s factory floor

At The Real Don dry cleaners our in-house curtain cleaning firstly and very importantly involves the careful selection of the most suitable process bearing in mind that the colour and dyes of some curtains may run or fade if subjected to the chemicals used within dry cleaning. In such cases we recommend laundering.

Whether dry cleaning or laundry is selected though, it must be appreciated that all cleaning is greatly enhanced by some heat and agitating action. Imagine trying to clean a dirty meal plate without the benefit of your cleaning agent being assisted by both of the above.

With curtain cleaning however both heat and mechanical action are minimized so as to considerably lessen any risk of shrinkage.

Perc on its own is a solvent that is better for oil based stains (about 10% of all stains) and that is why we and all dry cleaners add a small but essential amount of detergent to the working solvent for the added cleaning of the more common water based stains e.g. coffee, wine blood etc.

Before any mechanical process is commenced all fabrics are examined for prominent stains which can be pre spotted with special cleaning agents tailored to the stain’s particular origin which process then ensures their removal during subsequent cleaning.

Following the spotting, any wash by either detergent or solvent is followed by a thorough rinse and thereafter a spin cycle to prevent soil particles or the cleaning agent being absorbed back into the garment surface or left within the fabric.

Where perc is used in a dry cleaning process a final heated deodorizing aeration cycle takes place to remove the last traces of the solvent in accordance with prudent and recommended health and safety measures.

All curtains are hand pressed and where our full service is requested they are then steamed as they are re hanged.

We are confident that our process while more laborious, results in a far superior clean.

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