Advice on Carpets from The Don

Carpets not only decorate your home and enhance acoustics but they also provide comfort, safety and warmth and a healthy filter of dirt, dust mites and allergens.

Our advertisement opposite shows the difficulties that can be faced when deciding upon the essential cleaning of carpets.

We generally prefer dry cleaning using the Swiss HOST process which avoids the re appearance of stains through any resurfacing of any dirty cleaning solution left remaining in the carpet through wet extraction. It is also generally more hygienic. Bacteria are attracted to wet and dark areas such as the recesses within the pile of a recently cleaned and still damp carpet.

Research has shown that nearly 90% of soiling is tracked in on people’s shoes from where it is deposited on the carpet and held there until thorough cleaning takes place. Only the remaining 10 % of soiling is airborne through windows, doors or other sources such as airborne cooking grease.

Tracked soil is primarily dry and only 15% is the oily dirt that remains on the visible surface of the carpet to form what we call the “emotional stains”. So about 85% of the dirt within a carpet is not seen and this can only be effectively removed by a powerful vacuum.

This is what our system does. Following a preliminary vacuum, damp sponges are worked deep into the carpet pile and through the carpet’s yarns with the vacuum’s special brushes. There, the sponges absorb and dissolve the soil, before the second vacuum leaves the carpet not only clean but with significantly reduced levels of dust mites, mould spores, cat and dust mite allergen. The sponges are nontoxic and there is never any danger of mildew, split seams or colour loss.

However despite the obvious advantages shown above the wet process does have its place. There are times when the carpet fiber and/or the high degree of staining make this the preferred method, sometimes this even being a preliminary to our dry process so as to ensure the best possible finish.

When dealing with stains (“the emotional stains”) it must be remembered that generally speaking the sooner a stain is dealt with the better and that particular stains, carpet fibers and dyeing processes require particular cleaning approaches and chemicals. Miracle cleaners promoted through the media unfortunately do not solve all staining problems and the wrong approach can frequently do more harm than good.

Unfortunately not every stain can be removed. Sometimes actual dyeing takes place depending on the substance, its interaction with the carpet fiber and the heat at time of contact. It then becomes very difficult if not impossible to pull the soiling away from the fibers with detergents and solvents, without damaging the colour or texture of the carpet.

To lengthen the life of what is often a considerable investment in carpeting; a twice yearly carpet maintenance program is recommended. Maintenance happens when a carpet is clean and you want to keep it clean rather than only cleaning your carpet when it is dirty.

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