The Science of Laundry

There are 4 principle mechanisms that take place in any cleaning process:

1. Mechanical Action-the tumbling of the wash load within a determined water level. This action can only be achieved with front loading washing machines, which The Real Don Dry Cleaners operates. The top loaded washing machines are only suitable for domestic cleaning.

2. Time, the length of time is determined by the other three mechanisms.

3. Detergency-the use of chemicals that assist in the process of removing soil. The professional chemicals, which The Real Don uses, are designed to handle the commercial cleaning process. 4. Temperature of the water is determined by the type of fabric and type of soiling.

Generally speaking the less of one mechanism increases the need for another/other mechanisms.

At The Real Don Dry Cleaners, our laundry aims are as follows:

1. Disinfection and removal of soiling matter from textiles

2. Removal of staining material not affected by washing

3. Avoidance of chemical and physical damage

4. Maintenance of whiteness and/or colour

5. Maintenance of fabric finishes e.g. removal of creases

Our suppliers are carefully selected to provide top quality soaps, whiteners and detergents and the best washing and finishing equipment is employed at The Real Don Dry Cleaners and constantly maintained at full efficiency.

Removal of soiling is not difficult in most cases but there are exceptions. The type and degree of soiling may demand drastic and prolonged washes which can adversely affect the fabric. However, where customers send articles for laundering before they become too heavily soiled, this will prolong the articles life.

With reference to the removal of stains it can be said that the type of stain must be identified to achieve success. Different stains upon different types of materials or mix of materials, need different treatments and our customers seldom remember the cause of clothing stains.

The Real Don has now ultra violet lighting available to assist in this process and to distinguish between protein, metallic, sugar/salts and fat stains so as to ensure the correct fabric treatment.

It should be remembered that it is essential to remove a stain quickly and to avoid uneducated removal attempts that indeed may make matters worse. Therefore, bring the article in to The Real Don promptly, and be able to relate what type of soiling occurred, will give the greatest chance of the stain being successfully removed.

Our laundry processes are aimed and achieving a high degree of cleanliness and hygiene and also restoring to as near a new condition as possible.

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