Why The Real Don Cleans Curtains In House

There are offerings on the market to clean curtains where they hang, which is a process to the best of our knowledge involves injecting perchoroethylene (“perc”) and then extracting it together with the absorbed soiling. We are told that the perc does not leave any offensive odour in the home although such a type of odorless perc has never found its way onto any dry cleaner’s factory floor.

At The Real Don Dry Cleaners our in-house cleaning of curtains firstly and very importantly involves the careful selection of the most suitable process, be it dry cleaning or laundering, bearing in mind that the colour and dyes of some curtains and their linings may run, fade or in the case of block out linings be damaged, if subjected to dry cleaning chemicals.

Whether a dry cleaning or laundry process is selected though, it must be appreciated that all cleaning is greatly enhanced by some heat, agitating action and a cleaning agent such as detergent. Imagine trying to clean a dirty meal plate without the benefit of your cleaning agent being assisted by heat and agitation. With curtain cleaning, however, both this necessary heat and mechanical action need to be carefully controlled so as to considerably lessen any risk of shrinkage.

Indeed, shrinkage and the reaction of any block out linings to the cleaning process are two inherent risks that we need to minimize and that our clients need to be aware of.

Firstly, it must be acknowledged that all fabric materials are likely to shrink up to 5% with cleaning but most soon recover their size. With the length of curtains however 5% can be very noticeable. This is why we offer to steam curtains when they are hung back on the rail, so as to stretch and recover their length. Where this is not successful we will meet with you to explore other remedies such as the lengthening of hems.

Rubberized block out linings are really not cleanable. Their very purpose causes them to absorb powerful UV rays enhanced through projection through glass windows and they thus become very fragile. Where clients accept the risk involved The Real Don Dry Cleaners must then exercise extreme care although damage may still result notwithstanding.

Curtain cleaning calls for care and knowledge of the many critical factors and we at The Real Don Dry Cleanershave built up considerable experience over the years to ensure your valuable assets are treated with the utmost care.

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