The Real Don explains the best way to clean curtain linings with rubber backing

Firstly it must be appreciated that the linings have been designed to shield your curtains and indeed your room interior from sunlight and heat to keep them cooler in summer while they block drafts and provide an extra layer of insulation to retain warmth in winter.

However South Africa shares with Australia the highest levels of UV radiation from sunlight and this is of course magnified with linings hanging directly behind glass. Linings become progressively increasingly fragile and weakened by this exposure over time

However the benefits of rubberised linings can still be enjoyed with extra care and gentle cleaning treatment being your guide.

Generally though being gentle is the immediate requirement.

To begin with because the rubberised component is likely to act adversely to dry cleaning chemicals laundering is invariably necessary.

But laundering can increase the risk of the attached curtain shrinkage so this is a hazard that also needs managing.

Shrinkage is caused by heat machine action and detergents.

Hand washing in cool water is the preferred option but not always practical with large drops.

We at The Real Don Dry Cleaners machine launder with no heat and on a short cycle with a gentle detergent.

Ironing of wrinkles is done on a low cycle on the fabric side. Care is necessary never to leave the iron in one spot too long and the rubber backing must not be exposed to heat.

The latent damage within linings can however bring disappointment with finishing and we therefore warn our clients from the start that the risk remains with them should damage occur despite all our precautions.

Like with everything there are wide disparities with the quality of linings and needless to say the higher the quality the safer it is to clean.

These are expensive items and will eventually need cleaning.

Therefore our advice is to be prepared to spend that extra to enjoy the better cleaning results.

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