My jacket came back with the front all puckered!

My jacket came back from the dry cleaners with the front all puckered:

This can happen, fortunately not often.

Jackets have subtle stiffening in their front so that they hang well from the wearer.

This inner lining is carefully and normally expertly glued into position and is from material different from the jacket itself.

Now all material can be liable to shrinkage to some degree with cleaning to then recover as worn.

Unfortunately it can happen that without proper care with material selection the shrinkage potential of the jacket and its lining can differ.

This will then result in an unsightly puckering.

An alternative but less likely cause could be with inferior gluing where the lining comes loose and creates the same result.

So do not blame the cleaner if this happens to you.

Rather ask him to endeavor to press back into shape which under normal circumstances and with early treatment, he should be able to do.

My Tan coloured trousers came back from the cleaners with a pink tinge in the leg:

There are many methods of dyeing material and some are not as good as others (the dye is not as fast). Where inferior dyeing takes place perspiration from the wearer’s hands and/or legs can cause the dye to breakdown with cleaning.

The prime colour red then emits some colour and causes this pink discolouring where perspiration deposit has been most prevalent. This is typically in the calf area or where the wearer has placed his right hand on the leg of the trousers while driving.

Again don’t blame your poor old dry cleaner.

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