Pet Stains On Carpets

We love our pets but that love is sorely tested when they do their thing on our carpet. Furthermore once a spot is chosen it will be revisited until the attracting odour, possibly enhanced with the pet’s recent diet, is eliminated.

So what to do? Well firstly don’t panic and remember that all stains should be removed as early as possible especially this type of stain, before it impregnates the underfelt and both the odour and stain become almost impossible to remove.

Well the immediate step is to remove any poop and then soak the area with Club Soda. Don’t scrub and spread the stain rather blot with an absorbent cloth or paper towel, gently for poops and firmly for urine.

Don’t over wet but continue blotting until stain no longer is visible and then rinse with cool tap water. Steam or hot water will be inclined to set stain.

The next urgent step is to continue tackling the area with the correct cleaning product available from your Pet Store. You will need a dual action enzymatic bacterial product which becomes activated on contact.

Don’t use home remedies such as ammonia or vinegar as these will not remove odour and can even enhance it, while soap based actions risk pulling down the odour and embedding this within the underfelt which must be avoided at all costs.

The Real Don Dry cleaners recommends to always first test the remover on an inconspicuous area of your carpet to check for colour run.

Once this type of cleaner is applied and the area is still moist, cover with plastic and leave overnight so that the bacteria are active for as long as practical in the moist environment they enjoy.

Then avoid leaving area to air dry. This could cause rings. Blot area for the necessary period again with absorbent cloths or towels until dry and then vacuum.

Hopefully you have now recovered the situation. Remember immediate and the correct reaction is essential.

So often we as professional cleaners are unfairly blamed for odours/stains that can no longer be removed, when their causes have been allowed to develop for an extended period of time and/or have been incorrectly previously treated.

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