So you think your rugs and carpets are clean?

Rugs and carpets need regular care rather like servicing a car.

Both may appear clean at a glance but it must be remembered that the dust and grit will often sink beneath the pile where it is not seen.

Unlike surface stains which we call the emotional stains because they are visible and irritate the owner, the above are unseen.

However the grit is far more damaging as it will cause wear as traffic walks over the surface, particularly with every turn of a heel.

Very soon an unsightly bare patch will appear!

Should the carpet or rug become damp then the hidden dirt becomes mud and will wick to the surface (like a candle wick) and become annoyingly visible.

So clean your carpets and rugs regularly and being mindful of the above, always ensure that before any wet process cleaning, a good vacuum of industrial strength, precedes the cleaning process.

The Real Don Dry Cleaners prefers a dry clean in most cases but will still pre-vacuum beforehand.

Why buy new curtains?

Curtains can be very expensive when setting up home.

Cleaners often find that curtains are left unclaimed for long periods after cleaning, even after exhaustive attempts are made to contact and advise the owner.

Why not inquire whether such are available when your need arises.

You’ll most often find them of good quality and far more affordable leaving more cash for household items when setting up your new home.

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