Some of our services beyond cleaning.

The Real Don Dry Cleaners provides several ancillary services such as seamstress work, shoe mending and leather care, embroidery and dyeing of clothes

When we tell you about our seamstress service we are proud to say that we have 3 very capable seamstresses guided by our director Mrs Loraine Hopley. Loraine literally grew up in the trade having assisted her mother as a small child with seamstress work. So she has a wealth of and long experience in this field, including the specialised cleaning of wedding dresses, which was also her childhood task.

Many of our valued clients are dedicated to the use of our mending and alteration services and will bear ready testimony to their satisfaction..

We must however point out that whereas we do mending and alterations we do not provide an invisible mending service. Where there are holes or tears beyond the seams of the garment there will be some visibility.

Please also be aware that when pinning clothing for alterations it is incumbent on you to ensure that you’re own or our pinning meets your requirements as very often it is not possible to restore any error made.

Loraine has recently trained under SATSA (South African Textile Services Association) in the multi-faceted techniques and challenges faced within the cleaning process and is always ready and able to assist with advice including the resolving of those irritating spots and stains which often plague us.

The Real Don recently joined with an associate in providing a shoe and leather repair service which also includes shoe stretching and leather sewing service. We are indeed pleased to be able to add this increasingly popular service for the benefit of clients.

Our Singer embroidery service offers the opportunity to personalise your own garments or to enhance gifts to others. Embroidered corporate logos are also popular for staff and promotional apparel.

Then there is also dyeing of garments. You should know though that this process is not suitable for synthetic (man-made) materials so check your care labels. Furthermore dyeing is achieved with considerable heat so shrinkage may be a problem. It should also be noted that it is not always possible to mask stains with dyeing but at times this can be successful. We will gladly advise you.

The Real Don Dry Cleaners looks forward to being of continuing service to our clients and requests you help us in this mission by telling your friends of satisfaction and telling us should you ever be disappointed.

For more insight into invisible mending click here.

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