The What, The How & The Why

We find that we and many others spend much time telling our clients about what we do and how we do it but seldom why we do what we do at The Real Don Dry Cleaners.

If one thinks of icons such as the Wright brothers, Steve Jobs or Westinghouse they set themselves apart from others by being driven by something else than just the what and the how. Others were attempting the same, often with superior resources, but were not driven by a special belief in the why they were.

While not wishing to assume to place our company within the same august company as those above, it prompted us to stop and think whether we had a driving why.

The first glib knee jerk response is to say we do what we do in order to make money but upon closer examination that is really part of the how. No business can exist for long without being profitable.

The facts reveal that we are constantly reinvesting in The Real Don to improve our service and the why is revealed as “to be better”, not to be the best, which is a finite goal, but to be continuously getting better.

The recent adding of a branch, new services, ironing stations and laundry equipment, the joining of the SATSA the Laundry and Dry Cleaners’ Trade Association in order amongst other benefits, to keep abreast of industry developments, the development and maintenance of this website, the constant attention to maintenance and care of our carefully selected industry leading equipment and the readiness together with the desire to develop a relationship with and meet the needs of our clients at any time, are but a few examples of this commitment.

Upon reflection we feel that we can honestly say that we have as our first priority followed a path of continuing improvement since our launch in 2003 and we intend to do so in the future and stay true to our why.

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