The Real Don Dry Cleaners has a business opportunity for you!

The Real Don Dry Cleaners is looking for entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a home based income earning activity without any risk or cash outlay and with the dedicated support of our superior cleaning services.

Basically it would involve the collection of dry cleaning and delivering in bulk to The Real Don Dry Cleaners allowing real bulk discounts to be enjoyed and shared both by the customer and the collector of cleaning.

Typically the following would present opportunities for anyone with the drive and initiative to make a success of such a venture:

  • Where that person is resident in a complex where neighbours have limited opportunity for bulk laundry

  • Involved at a school where pupils and parents can be invited to enjoy the benefit and possibly make a contribution to school funds at the same time

  • A Grade 11 pupil/s faced with the need to raise funds for the school’s annual Matric Dances

  • Anyone owning a business or occupying premises where a drop off and collection facility can be provided

  • Persons who already have or can develop regular social interactions amongst consumers requiring such a service

At this stage any such venture must be limited to persons who operate within a 20 km radius of Dainfern Fourways.

The Real Don Dry Cleaners would issue a certificate of support to participants confirming to their customers that items collected would have access to our professional cleaning and related services together with our experience gathered over the past 15 years.

Collectors would both deliver or collect from our premises or we would from them, as may be agreed on a case by case basis.

Commissions would be paid where introductions are given to us for projects such as in home fitted carpet cleaning or house valet services

Proper invoicing and tagging procedures would be in force.

Settlements would be on a COD basis.

In summary the benefits to the end consumer would entail both more affordable cleaning, less travel cost and greater convenience.

Collectors would enjoy an income and The Real Don the ability to spread costs over an increased turnover.

A potential win positon for everyone.

Should you wish to discuss and pursue this opportunity further you should call either Loraine (076 483 2102) or Don (082 345 4614).

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