Who Were You Sleeping With Last Night?

The Real Don advises that dust mites and bed bugs should be guarded against by, amongst other means, the regular cleaning of mattresses and furniture.

Dust mites are microscopic spiders invisible to the naked eye and who are mostly present in bedding and furniture and live primarily by eating the dry skin cells we all constantly shed.

It is a little known fact that these skin cells are sufficiently prevalent and abundant to provide the human scent trail for dogs.

Mites are not harmful in bites but can promote eczema, asthma and allergies.

They cannot live in cold or hot dry climates and moisture is essential for their survival.

Washing of bed linen and blankets in hot water with heated drying, regular vacuuming and daily airing of bedding will greatly reduce the presence of these pests.

Bed bugs on the other hand are visible nocturnal parasitic bugs that live in small crevices and live off the blood of warm blooded mammals causing itchy bites.

These with other household pests are best controlled professionally wherever you find that the sprays purchased over the counter do not prove adequate.

The Real Don provides this service for all such pests be they insects or rodents.

We provide regular servicing of domestic and commercial premises with repeated follow ups as deemed necessary in each particular case.

In addition let The Real Don launder your bed linen, blankets and coverings and using our industrial equipment, regularly vacuum, clean and scotchgard your furniture.

Keep your premises pest free this winter.

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